Top 7 Sneakers of 2020

#8: Adidas Yeezy Foam Rnnr ‘Ararat’


This Yeezy Foam Rnnr broke the internet when people first saw glimpses of the shoe on Kanye and his family. With its bulky pointy toe and architectural shape, the shoe looks pretty odd but also futuristic in a way.

Release: 6/26

Retail Price: $70

#7: Nike x Sacai Vaporwaffle ‘Tour Yellow Stadium Green’


This past year, as the Sacai designer set out to create herself as one of the most formidable collaborators in the Swoosh’s deep roster of top-notch partners, Chitose Abe’s doubled up and destructed takes on classic Nike silhouettes were everywhere. At the end of the year, she decided to create one of the sexiest Sacia x Nike shoes we have ever seen.

Release: 12/17

Retail Price: $180

#6: Jordan x Union 4 Retro ‘Guava Ice’


After dropping one of the finest sneakers of all time, what do you do? Well, Chris Gibbs decided to take a year or 2 off and then come back with another insane pair. When it comes to crafting rare shoes, the owner proved once again that he has one of the most creative ideas. Any silhouette he’s associated with instantly sells out.

Release: 8/29

Retail Price: $250

#5: Nike SB x Ben & Jerry’s Dunk Low ‘Chunky Dunky’


When it comes to SB Dunks, the more cool patterns and designs the better! This year’s Chunky Dunky came in a cow-like pattern which was a tribute to Ben and Jerry’s Ice-Cream. This shoe came out in a special friends and family box which indeed was the Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream container!

Release: 5/26

Retail Price: $100

#4: Jordan 1 Retro High ‘Dark Mocha’


These were without a doubt one of the best Jordan 1 releases from this year. It borrowed its mocha coloway and suede from the highly influenced shoe: The Travis Jordan 1! But Jordan brand dicided to add a black toe to give it that classic Jordan look.

Release: 10/31

Retail Price: $170

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